Team oss life 

We are a team of personal trainers, nutritionists, and fitness coaches. Through years of perseverance and experience, we have come together to create an organization that can really battle stress in everyday lives for New Yorkers. An article posted by the American Psychology Association states that the majority of our society lacks the willpower to lead healthier lives. The results of this type of study is the motivation and drive we at Oss Life use as fuel to continue our cause. 

 Need some direction on your fitness and life goals ? Our coaches can help steer you in the right direction. Is Blue Apron your dinner option every evening ? We have ISSA certified nutritionists who can teach you to cook healthy, hearty, and delicious meals in under 20 minutes, so even the busiest financier can make dinner. Do you want or need to lose weight? We have ISSA and ACE certified trainers who have coined the term "burpee committee" because they will drop, push-up, and jump up with you.

What is the meaning of oss life? 

Oss is a combination of two different Japanese (kanji) words, osu and shinobu. Osu literally means to push, and shinobu is defined as being able to endure. While there is no clear origin of where the combination of the two words derived from, it is universally accepted amongst martial artists that the word oss means to overcome all obstacles, to persevere through all, and the will to endure under pressure.  

Achieving life goals can be an arduous task, but the journey to said goals can also be an exhilarating, exemplary, and transformative one. Pushing past physical and mental barriers is the foundation of Oss Life. The realization of success only comes from the acknowledgement of failure, and the will to accept help where it is needed. Let us help you realize your full potential. 

Meet the partners 

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David Beltram - Partner

David is a fitness enthusiast, who loves all things science, exercise, and food related. 

He holds degrees in biochemistry and psychology, and numerous certifications from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and ACE. 

He has a phenomenal relationship with food and his own physical and mental health. He inspires to share these great relationships with as many individuals as possible by designing programs that are both realistic and effective. 

David is always happy to run a race with a client. Whether it is a 5k, half marathon, tough mudder, or any other awesome race for a great cause, if you want a race mate just let him know.

Mark Cronogue - Partner

Mark has been coaching for over 20 years, and has worked with a wide spectrum of people, from pro athletes to hardcore foodies. Mark is still a competitive athlete, though he has traded in the baseball cleats and beach volleyball shorts for triathlons. 

Mark received his BA in Psychology from UC Santa Barbara and attended a Masters Program at Emperors College of Oriental / Chinese Medicine in Santa Monica, Ca. He learned to balance body with mind and came away as a lifelong practitioner of Chi Gong. 

Mark designs programs that are both fun and productive, while keeping a close eye on both form and safety. "“Balance and attention to detail while implementing small changes over time result in big rewards”. 

Current ambitions / projects in fitness 

Mark’s major focus at this time is with the overweight population. He holds special certificates in both Weight Management and Fitness / Sports Nutrition. He is an ardent believer in a cooperative approach while training. Mark’s training philosophy stems from the belief that a fitness program in harmony with nutrition is the best way to successfully lose / maintain / or gain weight. Moreover, he believes diets, weights, or aerobics done independently seldom result in a long term solution. Mark wants to continue to spread the word and educate those who do not yet know about the importance of a balanced diet, workout routine, and the need for long term solution thinking, while mapping out short term goals along the way. 

David's current major focus is working on building functional strength and increasing muscle mass in individuals over the age of 65. He continues to research how best to train the body to move and function in an optimal capacity, regardless of age or current level of physical fitness.