Julie S.

David Beltram is by far the best Personal Trainer I have ever been to and I have been to many over the years!  He has transformed me in ways no-one else has been able to.  He is so focused, caring and dedicated to his clients that it becomes not just a tremendous physical experience but a spiritual one as well.  

I detest working out but I so look forward to every session with David.  He structures it in such a way that the time just flies by and I ALWAYS feel transformed after every session.  It amazes me how just one session can make me feel new again. 

He is extremely knowledgable, experienced and supportive in all aspects of health and nutrition.  I credit him for getting me off of sugar and changing my eating habits significantly!!

He is a dedicated professional, mentoring and training others.  I have met many of his staff and they are all terrific!  Give yourself a gift and experience Oss Life training for yourself and you will see how unique David and his team's approach is

jason A.

I’ve been working with Mark since 2006. He’s an enthusiastic, dedicated and reliable professional who has a solid understanding of physiology ,exercise, and nutrition. Mark’s never missed an appointment and has always accommodated my schedule when I’ve needed to change days/times.

With Mark’s help I’ve lost 40 pounds and have noticed a marked improvement in my physical
strength and mental well-being. I really look forward to our workouts. I know I couldn’t  have
achieved this on my own. Bottom line: If you’re ready to make an investment in your well-being, give him a try. You will not regret it.

Kristin S.

David is the holy grail of trainers. Having searched for years for someone who could instill motivation, administer variety, provide results and be pleasant, intelligent and entertaining enough to stomach whilst getting one's increasingly firmer ass handed to oneself week after week, I could not be more satisfied and delighted to have found him. 

Incredibly knowledgeable and utterly brilliant at what he does, David has pushed me beyond my physical limits without my having noticed, and his personality and humor always make time pass shockingly quickly. 

I have worked with countless trainers over the years and have never worked with anyone as fantastic as David. My only hesitation in extolling his virtues is that he will become too busy to fit me in.